Hey! Do you know with the video games industry you can earnd lot of money? Do you want some money? So, why do not made games?

To Publish a game, you need first Combine one Art point and one Developpement point. To create this point, click on the big square button on the left. When the progress bar is finish, you earn some points. You can upgrade you progress speed with the Plus button at the left. And if you want to upgrade your productivity, you can change the upgrade type and  click again on the Plus button.

This game was create for the Meta Game Jam, with a mix between a parody of AdVenture Capitalist and Game Developement.

Maybe I'm going to add different thing (like music, or game type chooser), but I want to publish it if I don't have the time to finish the game next week.

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Made withPICO-8
TagsClicker, PICO-8
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??? why does full screen not work for me is it a common bug or is it just me?

Nice game, reminding me of the many hours I spent staring at my phone playing AdVenture Capitalist. Great idea, though it could be greatly developed.  

I did find clicking the arrow at the top to publish the game was pretty confusing for me, not being able to publish without doing everything again on that other page. The two pages just seemed that all of their different features could have been included on one page. 

Hey! Thanks for your comment ! ^^ I don't know if I develope this idea because I've lot of different game and idea to create some games.

The arrow on the top is just to change the upgrade type, to publish, just use the square. And I can made it on one page but I don't know if it's better for the graph and I'm not able to center the bar. :/

No problem, and now I understand how to interact with the game better.


Okay ^^