In Match! you play as a microworker who works for the new Dating App that everyone uses. "It's so perfect! You match only with perfect people" said the ad.

Why? Because all the matches are selected by you, a human, who needs to understand the loving profile of your user.

This game was made in 48 hours for the GMTK Game Jam 2023!


You will need to complete the Loving Profile of your user. On the right, you can add some property and specify if it's something the user likes or dislikes.

You can use some profiles that the game gives you to understand the profile.

The user will like if there is something he likes and nothing he doesn't. The user will dislike otherwise.


Art and Game Design: Nyeut
Programming: Bigaston
Music remix: Fruitc4ke

The game uses the following assets:

PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
AuthorsBigaston, Nyeut
Made withPixiJS, Adobe Photoshop
Average sessionA few minutes


Match ! (GMTK 2023) - Windows 7 MB
Match! (GMTK 2023) - 3 MB
Match ! (GMTK 2023) - Windows (PostJam) 7 MB

Install instructions

If the game doesn't want to launch on Windows, you may need to install Webview2 runtime on this link


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The game wouldn't launch in the embedded mode. But I managed to play it with the desktop version, up to the Kate level! (4th one?) Sadly I couldn't complete it because the bottom of the love profile went off screen and there was no scrollbar.

Really nice little puzzler! It's fun trying to find the minimum number of cards to infer the likes and dislikes of the character! I enjoyed this puzzle! I found this a pretty fun experience, because optimizing the number of cards still feels nice! Sweet. Also, I still really like the artworks and the little character descriptions, they're cute.

Of course, I understand why you hid the likes & dislikes at first: because here it's not a particularly difficult game, and you wanted to make it harder. Also, here "liking" is very strong, because since all the properties on the right are either liked or disliked, and properties on liked cards cannot be disliked, all the properties on liked cards that are on the right are necessarily disliked. But even with not being particularly difficult, the game feel is much better as a puzzler. Nice job! I'll be happy to finish it if there's a way to scroll the properties someday :3

Thanks for your hard work! Also I fucking hate Albert, oh my god.

Oh the game don’t want to launch! I’m going to see what can I do to fix that!

Thank’s for the feedback about the scrollbar, I’m going to see what can I do!