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Algorithm of Bresenham to fix the glith for pass threw walls (with the PICO-8 adaptation of it by Laurent Victorino:
4 files
Rush is Finish! After lot of works, I've finish my game! In this version, you can use the level editor (only on the Web version), share your levels with a simpl...
4 files
Remove the level player Combine the Level Editor Cardrige and the Game Cardrige in once Add the level editor for all and add some feedback for the PICO-8 export...
3 files
Add the level Player on the normal and demo version...
6 files
Rush to the green line!
Add the level exporter in level editor Add the level loader function in level editor Add the rubber in level editor Change the right click utils, now you can co...
3 files
Correct in the level 7 Correct the timer Web version New button in the main menu to follow me on Twitter New button in the final screen to share your time and d...
7 files
Hey! This is a big upgrade! Now you can create your own level! Just go to Level Editor in the main menu of Rush and let your imagination work! For now, if you w...
6 files
Little update for add: 3 Difficulty mode with 8, 4 or 0 checkpoint (change it with the smiley on the floor of the main screen) A little modification of the leve...
3 files

Do you want to help the developement of Rush? Do you find any bug or want to share a level? This is a good place for doing all of this!

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